Sharpe Metalwork Designs is a family run business that design and provide high quality, laser cut pieces of art made from metal. Ranging from outdoor sculptures, indoor and outdoor wall art, house plaques, hanging baskets and holiday themed décor, we also offer customised, personal and unique to you, one of a kind pieces of art!

Behind the art...

My name is Maddie and I'm currently 18 years old. I run this business along with my wonderful family - my Mum, Dad and brother Lewis. By starting this business and designing the artwork listed on this very website, my family have given me the chance to work from home while managing my health and chronic illnesses. We work as a team to produce these pieces of metal art in any shape or form.

Maddie -

I design the artwork and produce silhouettes that get sent over to be made. I make beloved pet photos into wall art, design house plaques or personal memorial pieces, personalised hanging baskets, outdoor sculptures, décor and much more!


Alyson -

I manage any emails or phone calls we receive, advertise on our Facebook page and Instagram, and promote the artwork to the best of my ability. I also deliver to our local customers and ensure they're satisfied with our products.

Julian -

I spray all our metal pieces in colours ranging from gold to red to black. I also make any adaptions needed for the customer such as holes and brackets to hang, plates to sit on for free standing pieces and I even adapt garden sculptures making them practical for outdoor use. 

Lewis -

I help out in the paint spraying department - turning, priming and spraying the pieces. I prepare the metal pieces for spraying so we achieve neat, even layers of paint fit for selling.

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